The One Solution for resolving your A/R needs from consulting and training services to additional staffing and resources to resolve insurance and self-pay balances.

Solution One Services

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The One Solution for Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

Solution One is an effective resource that offers flexibility for practices and is a great alternative for helping reduce Accounts Receivable for insurance and self-pay balances. We become an extension of your business office, freeing up valuable staff time and enhancing your return on accounts receivable. You benefit from being able to focus on patient care while we take care of the revenue cycle. Services offered include: self-pay collection follow-up, resolution for unpaid insurance claims, workers compensation and third party payers. We Are Effective...

The Solution One Difference

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by having a team with up to 25 years of Revenue Cycle experience. We have worked with a variety of computer systems such as EPIC, Medipac, McKesson, Meditech, and LSS. We offer the flexibility to work directly on your system or export your information to our system.

Solution One works with your organization to create a customized "soft" collection program that is built around your organization’s standards, policies and service expectations. The services we offer extend far beyond collections and customer service. Our experienced team can assist with billing, follow up and denial management, consulting, education, and training to help integrate industry best practice standards based on years of experience in Revenue Cycle. We Are Knowledgeable...


Satisfaction and peace of mind

Solution One was founded in 2001 and provides an outsourcing option to healthcare providers for first party self-pay collections, billing and follow up and special projects. Our experienced staff understands the challenges patients face with the rising cost of healthcare and higher out of pocket expense. Solution One ensures that the dignity and privacy of your patient is upheld in all circumstances. Our staff is fully trained in HIPAA requirements and PCI compliance to ensure we protect and secure patient’s PHI, credit card and bank account information. Our goal is to balance quality with quantity to ensure your expectations are met. We Are Diligent...


Maintaining Successful Partnerships

We pride ourselves in the service we provide to your patients and our customers. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Solution One:

  • Our organization is able to avoid referring patients to collections by utilizing Solution One's collection services so our self-pay accounts can be resolved before this ever happens.  Solution One identifies the right option for the patient’s financial circumstances.  Solution One's Staff is courteous and patient focused and ensures our patients receive the same great service no matter who answers questions.
  • Very satisfied! Project management skills and ability get things up and running smoothly impeccable! Your medical billing & collection team is exceptional-extremely persistent & thorough!
  • Awesome work on the consulting gig; the assessments and recommendations were spot on, and templates and tip sheets et al. are extremely helpful.

Providing compassionate interactions with your patients

Solution One is proud of our team of compassionate customer service oriented team members, putting the patients' needs first and assisting patients in finding creative solutions to resolve their balance. Our experienced staff receives ongoing training in customer service and collection techniques to ensure we are prepared to handle the toughest conversations with the respect and compassion your patients deserve and expect from your office, while successfully collecting your past due balances. Our excellent customer service skills gives you the confidence to know that we always go the extra mile to work with each patient individually as we understand that financial circumstance for each patient can be unique. Our effective collection techniques ensure we collect on your outstanding self-pay receivables timely and efficiently, to maximize your revenue opportunities. We Are Successful...

Flexible and Customizable Solutions

Our programs are designed to offer you the right Solution for your business needs. Our experienced team will work with you to create a custom program to suit your business and meet your needs and desired outcomes.

Customizable Solutions:

Short-term solutions are available to assist with:
  • Leave of absence or position vacancy coverage
  • Clean up of legacy systems accounts receivable
  • Special projects to help with work back log
  • Training Programs for your staff on customer service, collection techniques and dealing with difficult customers
  • Consultation services to help you optimize your revenue cycle operation.
Extended-term solutions are available to assist with:
  • Appointment reminders
  • First party collection for self-pay balances
  • Early out services
  • Medical Billing
  • Insurance Follow up and Denial Management