Finding a solution to the rising cost of healthcare is like solving a puzzle. Many pieces must fit together to form a picture... and not one piece can stand alone.

MedCredit Financial Services

ARS Flower.MedCredit Financial Services believes in financial solutions that are affordable, easy to use and integrate with your current collection policy. We help to support the financial health of your practice and free up valuable resources to better serve your patients.

MedCredit Financial Services has multiple solutions that are personalized to fit your business office needs. The first solution offers the reliability of payment to the provider while benefiting from the savings in the reduction of your administrative costs. MedCredit Financial Services offers the option to purchase your patient directed receivable with no penalties due to the age of the patients account. You as the provider receive the benefit of payment upfront instead of forwarding the account to a collection agency and hoping to recover some of your costs eventually.

MedCredit Financial Services offers a second solution that will allow your practice the ability to retire a former legacy system. Our financial software has the capability to consolidate multiple patient statements into one and posts all payments electronically. Our customers have the choice to make their payments electronically through an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), with an associate over the phone or through our secure web portal. Customers who choose to sign up for the online portal receive monthly bill reminders, the ability to view/print statements and schedule payments at their convenience. MedCredit will provide you with a reasonable flat fee rate to manage your self-pay accounts. This solution will not only relieve you of the responsibility of continuing to pay those expensive annual software licensing fees but it is also guaranteed to decrease your costs on mailing and reduce the amount of time your staff spends managing and posting payments through multiple practice management systems.

Both of our business solutions will save you the cost of expensive collection fees and reduce bad debt. You will also see that you are able to preserve a long lasting relationship with your patients and they will not think twice when it is time to schedule the next appointment with your practice. Let MedCredit Financial Services provide assistance in solving your practices burdensome financial puzzle. We Offer Solutions...

The MedCredit Financial Services Difference

Health care providers understand the trend of rapidly growing healthcare costs and that a large portion of those costs will shift to the patient’s responsibility. It then becomes unlikely that a patient can make payment in full or within a short period of time resulting in past due balances and undue burden on the providers financial health. Our years of experience have taught us that while most patients want to pay their medical bills, they are often unable to pay their balance in full or make the high monthly payments required to resolve their balance timely. Patients need an affordable financing option that is easy to use, cost effective and helps to assist them with budgeting for planned and unplanned healthcare expenses not covered by insurance.

The optimal solution is to offer a payment option that allows your patients to make an affordable monthly payment within their budget over an extended period of time. MedCredit Financial Services is that solution.

MedCredit Financial Services allows healthcare providers the ability to concentrate their efforts and resources towards providing quality care and fostering a positive relationship with your patients, while MedCredit Financial Services accepts the financial risk and collection costs of managing the patient directed self-pay receivables. We offer our participating provider’s piece of mind in the uncertain and ever changing world of healthcare reimbursement. We Offer Resolution...


MedCredit Financial Services values our customer relationships. Our objective is to provide your patients with compassion and clarity while we assist them in navigating through their stressful financial situation. Our success is reflected best through our customer satisfaction score of over a 99% rating of excellent, very good or good. Our customers appreciate the fact that MedCredit Financial Services has a knowledgeable and dependable staff with over 18 years of experience with our company. We Offer Service...


MedCredit Financial Services submits all of our documentation to an independent law firm annually for an external review to ensure that we follow all state and federal regulations governing credit. Our staff is provided with annual education on HIPAA requirements and PCI compliance training. This ensures that our staff is equipped with the appropriate tools required to protect and secure your patient’s PHI, credit card and bank account information. We Offer Assurance...

Why is MedCredit Financial Services the best option for you and your patients?

MedCredit Financial Services is a locally owned and operated finance company with over 26 years of experience offering solutions to providers to resolve their patients self-pay balances. MedCredit Financial Services offers financial solutions that do not affect the patient’s credit report and provide comfort in allowing the patient to pay a reasonable monthly payment that fits within their budget.

MedCredit Financial Services provides a financing option to patients for most health care expenses much like a credit card. Unlike a typical credit card, the simple application process can be completed on the spot and the debt does not affect any other lines of credit. Our participating providers like the fact that we help to improve their relationships with their patients by shifting all collection responsibilities to MedCredit Financial Services. Once an account is financed through MedCredit Financial Services we assume all the risk for the receivable, incur the cost to collect from the patient and communicate directly with the patient regarding their account. To date, MedCredit Financial Services manages over Twenty-five million in patient receivables for over 200 clients, with an overall client satisfaction rating of 100%.

MedCredit Financial Services Features and Benefits:

Patient Features
  • Immediate financing without credit approval
  • Open-end line of credit for health care expenses
  • Convenient monthly payment plans
  • MedCredit interest rates
    • $1 - $6,999 5% APR
    • $7,000 - $15,999 4% APR
    • $16,000 - $19,999 3% APR
    • $20,000 and over 2% APR
  • No annual fees or pre-payment penalties
  • Consolidate health care expenses from Participating Providers (one statement, one payment)
  • Online payment portal account access
  • The convenience of paying by phone, credit card, check or automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account, at no additional cost
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Provider Features

  • Immediate payment on patient directed receivable
  • No penalties due to the age of the accounts
  • Reduction in business office workload and expense
  • Decreased office supply costs and collection fees
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • More payment plan options for patients